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Horses provide a unique, engaging, emotionally safe opportunity for Participants to heal!

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Incorporating Horses to Provide People the Opportunity for Hope and Healing!

"JOE" began attending Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as traditional means of treatment were not as effective as he would have liked to deal with his symptoms of loss, flashbacks, decreased sleep, anxiety, anger and fear relating to his involvement with military combat. Joe arrived at the farm and immediately stated his anxiety was reduced by 10% just from the relaxed, non-traditional atmosphere alone. Over the next months Joe created a relationship with "Midnight" (horse), and with the guidance of professional, credentialed mental health facilitators began identifying his emotions in a clearer manner, processed losses and shared with "Midnight". Joe created "safe places", identified triggers and explored alternative responses, he grieved, he processed and he integrated, improving daily living and his personal relationships. Joe learned to spend quiet time with "Midnight" and meditate, he began to forgive himself and others through his attendance and ground activities with "Susie" that mimicked challenges and solutions in an emotionally and physically safe place. Joe has reduced his sessions to just return to "check in with "Midnight" and stay grounded in his healing.

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